The Lake District National Park 

 Whats all the fuss about?

The Lake district is in the top left hand corner of England, a round blob on the map, usually in brown to indicate its hilly. Its bordered on the right hand side by the M6 motorway, and if you were driving fast you could be past it in half an hour and hardly have realised. If you got up early and walked really well, you could be right across it in a day. its less than forty miles side to side.


The hills are hilly for England, but Scotland has more and bigger and compared with the Alps or the Himalayas there just wrinkles in a rather small rug. The lakes are large for England but only drops compared with lakes in the united states. so what's all the fuss about?


It is the extraordinary variety in one small plot, you have everything of lush pastures, twee cottages, stately castles, romantic valleys, lakeside resorts, hidden tarns, smooth hills, wild fells, sudden water falls, open heather, rough moors, frightening crags dramatic snow clad mountains. its natures miniature kingdom! There is no place you cant escape from and be in complete isolation within half an hour, even on the busiest bank holiday!



The Lake District is home to the four highest mountains in England over 3,00 feet high. The Scafells, with their rugged outlines of volcanic rock dominate the central area while Helvellyn amd Skiddaws smoother slops reflect the softer geology. These form an impressive background to the lower hills, or fells, the beautiful valleys with their lakes, the patchwork small green fields and the traditional style buildings in villages and hamlets in picturesque settings. Few are the places hidden away from open wonderful views.